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familyCHADD of New York is proud to present:

Anxiety & ADHD:  Enemies, Friends or Soulmates?

Presented by Vatsal G. Thakkar, M.D.

Anxiety and ADHD are interwoven for many people which often creates confusion about the true sources of distress and impairment, not only for the sufferer, but also for the clinicians who might assess and treat them.  Which came first, the anxiety or the ADHD?  Does one of them cause the other?  Is there really only one true or primary condition and the other one is just a phantom condition?  Does treating one condition make the other condition worse?

In this presentation, you will learn about:

           -    the complicated inter-relatedness of anxiety symptoms and ADHD

           -    which anxiety disorders most commonly occur with ADHD

           -    physiological theories as to why these two phenomena could be related

           -    successful treatment options for those who suffer from both

Vatsal G. Thakkar, M.D. is on faculty at the NYU School of Medicine and sees patients at his private practice in both Manhattan and Westport, CT.  He originally trained on diagnosing and treating adult ADHD by working on clinical trials at NYU starting in 2006.  He is also on the board of APSARD, the American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders.  

Target audience:  those who are interested in, suffer from, or whose loved ones suffer from anxiety and/or ADHD.

Date & Time:  Monday, October 6, 2014, 5:55PM (Doors close soon after) to 7:30PM

Where:  65 East 89th Street, Manhattan  (The Parish Office of St Thomas More, between Madison and Park Avenues) 

Meetings are free, with a $10 donation requested. Please leave the kids at home. No food, please.

OCT  6th   Dr. Vatsal Thakkar,MD - Anxiety and ADHD
NOV 3rd    Dr. Aaron Hogue - Clinical Innovation in Treating ADHD Among Adolescents
DEC 8th    Sari Cooper, LCSW - ADHD and Sexuality
JAN 5th     Dr. Mark Bertin, MD - Mindfulness and ADHD
FEB  2nd   Dr. Olivardia, MD - ADHD and Sleep
MAR 2nd   Dr. Ari Tuckman - Acceptance is Empowering: Change What You Can, Accept the Rest

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