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I am so excited to introduce to you the Antelope Valley CHADD Chapter!!! 

What we are looking for?  Parents that have children with ADHD, Adults that have ADHD or Teens with ADHD. 

Our Antelope Valley ADHD Support Group Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of the month @ Saint Serra Catholic Church 42121 60th St W., Lancaster CA 93536 From 7:15 - 8:30pm

CHADD allocates a portion of your membership dollars to your local affiliate, so please consider joining CHADD.  Once the group has officially started, a portion of your dues will be shared with the volunteer in order to support local programs and services. If the group does not open near you, the membership dues allocated to CHADD national will be used to support the programs and services provided to you through your CHADD membership. Thank you for your support. 


Volunteer Opportunities:

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Elaine Guiler.  I am an Adult with ADHD & I am a mom of 2 kids.  I am a Member of CHADD and I have VOLUNTEERED to start a Support Group here in the Antelope Valley.  We are looking for more VOLUNTEERS to run our Support Group meeting.

Contact info:

Phone #: AV CHADD 6616223435


Facebook Group:  Antelope Valley ADHD Support Group



This information was last updated on: 03/29/2016

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