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This is the official website for the Rochester Area ADHD Support Group, an affiliate of CHADD based in Rochester, Minnesota. 

"We want individuals and families touched by ADHD to come to the Rochester Area ADHD Support Group for resources and support that can make living with ADHD less challenging and more rewarding. We want to provide them with tools to help them be successful at home, at school, at work, and in all areas of life." - Nicole Ferrara & Amy Eich, Co-coordinators, Rochester Area ADHD Support Group

The Rochester Area ADHD Support Group was launched in March 2018 to provide resources and support to families and individuals touched by ADHD in and around Rochester, Minnesota. Group co-founders Amy Eich and Nicole Ferrara are parents of ADHD children in Rochester Public Schools. Nicole is also the spouse of a successful IT professional with ADHD, and has numerous extended family members living with ADHD. 

Topics covered in previous support group meetings have included:
  • The Positive Parenting Program
  • How therapy is used to treat ADHD
  • Local resources for ADHD treatment and therapy
  • Strategies for introducing ADHD children to new teachers

To date, the meeting format has been 30-60 minutes for an educational presentation by a group member or outside expert, followed by time for sharing and discussion among group members. 

A big thank you to the Rochester Public Library, which is providing meeting space for our group!

The group is in the process of planning educational topics for future meetings based on input from current group members. Popularly suggested topics include parenting children with ADHD, how to work with Rochester Public Schools to request an IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan, strategies for strengthening marriage when one or both partners have ADHD, and alternative/complementary therapies for ADHD. When possible, we hope to recruit outside experts for presentations, including experts from Rochester Public Schools.

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Volunteer Opportunities:

Interested in helping to organize meetings, engage speakers, and plan events? Contact Nicole or Amy at to get involved.

This information was last updated on: 03/10/2019

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