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The Rhode Island Chapter of CHADD offers monthly programs for Adults with ADHD, Parents of Children with ADHD and Professionals in the ADHD Field. 


                                                                                          Next Program: Wed. March 6


   Personalized plans for families, children, and adults affected by ADHD to stay  organized, manage time, complete work, and keep track of important belonging which can all be difficult daily struggles. 

With Betsy Alper 

and Lisa Proctor- holistic therapist and organizer 


 When: The 1st Wednesday of each Month  7-  9 PM

 Where: Bradley Hospital - Pine Room - 1st Floor  1011 Veterans Mem. Pkwy  East Prov. 02915.  Free Parking 

Drop In.  Open to the Public.  .   

January 2 - Movie , Popcorn and Support Group   

February 6What the Educational System can offer students with ADHD . Jonathan Green, Director,  The Hamilton School at Wheeler 216 Hope St. Providence, RI Hamilton School is a school within a school focusing on remediating skill deficits and helping students with ADHD and LD to develop their  talents and interests.   Bring your questions regarding the best practices for students with ADHD and what parents can do at home to accelerate learning!!  

 March 6- Organize yourself!Betsu Alper 

April 3- The connection between ADHD And Anxiety- Strategies to reduce the Stress! Todd Schmenk Aqaltherapies 

May 2- Women and ADHD.      Donna  

June 6- What Meds do for ADHD 

 A suggested donation of $5 is appreciated from guests. CHADD members FREE.      Please consider joining CHADD for $53

Chapter E-mail :
PHONE: Roberta at
 401- 369-0045

Previous Programs:   

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Presented by Selene MacKinnon Clinical Psychologist 

"How ADHD effects relationships at home, at work and in school".  with Todd Schmenk.

    "Your ADHD Medical and Holistic Questions Answered " with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Samanatha Winfrey  , Westerly         

  •  September 5GOING BACK TO SCHOOL WITHHD! Strategies for a great year of  learning and calm in the home"      Speaker: Kelly Robinson, Ph.D, AAC, Certified Coach    
  •    - ADHD & Cognitive Processing: Randy Kulman, Psychologist & Author   Wakefield, RI   789-1553  - Women with ADHD with Donna Barre  
  •   - Holistic and Medical Strategies for ADHD Samantha Winfrey (Shawn), PMHNP-BC   Child and Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner       M+M Wellness Center, Inc. | 804-684-8829 |
  •  - Organizational Strategies & Executive Functioning Strategies  Betsy Alper www.addstrategiesandsolutions   
  • -ADHD & ANXIETY – Getting it under control!  Selene M. MacKinnon, Psy.D.Clinical Psychologist RICBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching
  •  -– ADHD Time to Share. Movie Clips and Popcorn! Network. Learn about new ideas! 
  • - Calm the Mind & Focus with ADHD Psychologist Angela Stewart talks about Mindfulness and Meditation. She talked about groups for Kids and Parents     Center for Modern Buddhaism 
  • - Ask The Doctor: Medication and More for ADHD with Lorraine MacDonald, Providence, RI (774) 462-5355  "Going Back to School with ADHD"Ø  Unique parenting recommendations to understand and improve many critical Executive Function Skills needed in the classroom   Kelly Robinson Executive  Function Coach, Trainer & Lecturer , Ms.Ed Speech Language Pathogy with a focus on cognitive rehabitation ; Ph.D Attention in Adolescents; post doctural training and research in neurodevelopmental  and related disabiiites; advanced ADHD coach training; Certificates in Social Justice training, mindfullness training 
  •  - "Sleep and ADHD" Sleep Study for Age 10-13 with or without ADHD
  •        New Program Idea-     What's It Like to Live with ADHD? A Panel of Adults, Teens and Kids with delight and educate you. 
  • - Donna M. Barré, PhD has a unique combination of education, training and personal experience to assist adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to help them find solutions that “click”. Donna earned a PhD in Life Span Developmental Psychology from West Virginia University, and has been trained in ADHD Coaching through The ADHD Coach Academy (ADDCA). She is a member of The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD). Donna was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult in the late 1990s, and has studied and practiced ADHD coping strategies with a variety of clinicians, coaches and mentors, both as a client and a student for over 15 years
  •  Integrative Health Services is a Rhode Island based holistic stress management center for body, mind and spirit that offers Integrative Health Coaching, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 

  • March(MBSR), Mindful Meditation, Reiki, Whole Foods Education, Mindful Eating and Tobacco Cessation
  • - Dr. Lilia Bosch Functional Psychiatrist to answer medical questions.                      
  • BioFeedback with Dr. Hirshberg Director of The NeuroDevelopment Center ADHD is a brain disorder, but did anyone analze brain activity for your or your child's diagnosis? The FDA has approved the use oquantitative analysis of the EEG as a biological diagnosis. Many studies have also shwon that it is possibe to re-shpe the EEG through biofeedback to sharpen attention and reduce impulsivity in ADHD. The talk described the use of EEG for diagnosi and treatment of ADHD as an indicator for Executive dysfucntion and sleep disorders.  
  •  J Movie, Popcorn and Discussion!  Jeff Allen, Actor Rick Green and Millennium Sarif Mahamane talk about ADHD in an honest, relevant way. Snacks provided.                                                        Thank you to Coach Donna Barr for facilitating.  
  •   "Emotional Control and Impulsivity "  -                                                                             Betsy Alper   401-580-4277
  •   The Path to Diagnosis - for children, adolescents and adults with Shaleen Holly, PhD Neuropsychology Partners, Inc. 529-4884
  •  Managing Relationships with ADHD . Wendy Plante SIBLINK Program at Hasbro part of RI Hospital.  Groups for Siblings starting every 3 months. Insurance accepted
  • - School Starts;Now What? - Advocating, Organizing & Mindfullness for Success Kelly Robinson Executive  Function Coach, Trainer & Lecturer , Ms.Ed Speech Language Pathogy with a focus on cognitive rehabitation ; Ph.D Attention in Adolescents; post doctural training and research in neurodevelopmental  and related disabiiites; advanced ADHD coach training; Certificates in Social Justice training, mindfullness training 
  •  Programs are designed to provide information, as well as support, to parents of children with AD/HD, Adults with AD/HD,family members and professionals in the ADHD/Executive Function deficit field.                                                                                                                                                        Programs include a presentation by a qualified professional with expertise in AD/HD, followed by an informal discussion amongst the participants, sharing challenges and successes as well as support, suggestions and information about local resources.
  • 2016   PAST PROGRAMS  see below
  • - Share & Network with ADHD Coaches  A Panel of 3 Coaches will be available to share and care . Bring your Challenges, Concerns & Questions! 
  • - Rick Feiry- Turn your Interests into a Business
  • - The Doctor is In! What Does Your Doctor Know about ADHD?                                                    Dr. Thomas Puleo. Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
  •  How to Make Things Work Out Without Getting Worked Up" Learn how to design the environment at home and in the classroom using the  highly respected, research-based Universal Design principles. Nine basic questions will be explored to support you!  You will be given real tools to take home or to your classroom!  Particular challenges will be addressed. 
  • Doreen C. Engel, Guidance Counselor and Benilde Director - St. Raphael Academy
  •  We hope that author Carolyn Dalgliesth will visit us next year! Organizational Strategies and Sensory Issues.  Author Carolyn                             























































































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Have a Nice Summer!!

 2015 Past Programs: Thank you to our Presentors !

February 3- Resolving Conflicts in the ADHD Family- Focus on Teens but can apply to all ages .                        Gary Regan. Clinical Director of the Adolescent Program at Bradley Hospital

January 6- Forget the College Fund and Save for Therapy. A Humorous Spin on Conscious Parenting with authors of Conscious UnParenting Dawn Michael and Kim Kinzie

December 2, 2015- HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST OPTION AFTER HIGH SCHOOL- COLLEGE?  GAP YEAR? VOCATIONAL SCHOOL? WORK?  with Susan Hanflik Educational Planner www.shanflikand

November 4- What's The Buzz about Executive Function Coaching!  Learning styles and functioning challenges will be explored by these professionals. Katie from

September 2- Apps and Apples: Starting the School Year iwht Tools for ADHD. Randy Kulman, Ph.D Learning Works for 

October 7- Brain Trianing Methods to Improve Attention and Executive Function in ADHD.                Dr. Hirshberg 


PAST PROGRAMS: 2014-2015


October 1 -  "THE COUPLES GUIDE TO THRIVING WITH ADHD " (Managing ADHD in Relationships)  Author and Therapist Melissa Orlov shared relevant information about ADHD in relationships. ON-line Seminars available

November 5- " DIFFERENT MINDS: CHILDREN with ADHD . Come learn about Intelligence and ADHD. Why are ADDers often so bored? How to enrich the environment to bring out the best in someone with ADHD.   Dr. Lovecky's book highlights cognitive, creative, emotional, social and moral issues of these unique gifted children. 

December 3 Feel Good! LIFE COACHING & STRESS RELIEF STRATEGIES  for those living with or related to someone with ADHD-  with Kate Hanbeg It will be worth your while                                                                                                                                                   Deirdre Lovecky- Psychologist & Author  GIFTED RESOURCE CENTER OF NE http://www.GRCNE.COM                      Dr. Lovecky works with gifted children and designs meaningul school and outside enrichment activities. She is interested in the needs of "twice exceptional " children with ADHD, Asbergers and Learning differences.  

January 8  LEARN HOW BRAIN HEMISPHERE DOMINANCE EFFECTS ADHD.   Dr. John Sotis                                                                                                                     *HELD AT Bradley Hospital (Not at the Cranston Library as planned)

February 4 -"Executive Functioning Explained" Executive functions (also known as cognitive control and supervisory attentional system) is an umbrella term for the management (regulation, control) of cognitive processes, including working memory, reasoning, task flexibility, and problem solving as well as planning and execution. Learn how EF are intertwined with learning and how to balance deficits.                                      Child and Adolescent Neuropsychologist Dana Osweiki, Providence 421-4561

March 4, 7 pm "Laws Related to ADHD" -Student Rights/Education Plans/Workplace Advocacy -  Presented by Attorney David Kane **Location: Sargent Center 800 Quaker Lane Warwick

April  1  - Understanding ADHD and how NEUROFEEDBACK can help train the Brain!    Dr. Larry Hirshberg 401 351 7779

May 6- PSYCHIATRY & ADHD;THE ROLE OF MEDICATION FOR CHILDREN, TEENS AND ADULTS- Dr. T. Mailhot . Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry  521-1400


June 3- INTEGRATIVE APPROACHES to ADHD. Dr. James Greenblatt-Integrative medicine provides patient-centered science-based care by analyzing each patient’s unique genetic, biochemical and nutritional status. Dr. Greenblatt is an author and Psychiatrist who travels worldwide . He is based in Boston!!



From Points North, South or West: From Interstate 95 take Interstate 195 East to exit 4. Go straight.  Bradley Hospital is at the first traffic light on the Right
From Points East: Take I-195 to exit 6 (Broadway). Take a left (south) onto Broadway. Turn left at end of road, continue on Veterans Memorial Parkway to first traffic light. Turn right onto Bradley campus



RI Adults with ADHD- Open Discussion. Speakers twice a year. - FOR ADULTS WITH ADHD: (NOT AFFILIATED WITH CHADD ) RIADDults  . January 21 next program.
(except Dec. July, Aug)                          Website:    Contact:


 National Resource Center for ADHD at 1-800-233-4050  &  Personal assistance is available along with a multitude of resources .

 CHADD Metro West Massachusetts - Parent Support Group Meets 1st Thursday Milton Hospital 100 Highland Street Milton, MA  7 pm Coordinator/ ADHD Coach Matt Reid 617-898-0302


Thank you to ALL our past presentors...

.......Dr. Terri Mailhot (Quality Behavioral Health, Warwick)

......Dr. Keri Layton- Naturopathic Physician

....  Dr. Julie Braciszewski -Rhode Island Cognitive Behavioral   

....  David Kane, Disability Attorney. Sargent Rehab Center  

.....  Dr. Brett Leimkuhler- Center for Neuropsychology and LD 

....  Dr. Shervanick, a  board-certified Psychiatrist in Adult Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology has an integrative practice with Life Coach services.  She is the funniest, most positive, intelligent professional!

...  Randy Kulman...Clinical Psychologist and author of .. 

...  Phil Tetreault, Coach extrodinaire for presenting our program in October. His presentation focused on how ADHD coaching helps the client learn about his or her brain and to demystify strengths and challenges. They are then able to develop concreted, sustainable strategies to maximize unique abilities. People can develop new habits and change lives. . W 401-334-0202                                                                                     ...Dr. Dan Marwil , developmental pediatrician , Providence   

CHADD does not endorse or represent products, services, publication, medications or treatments. Meetings are free and open to the public, although membership with CHADD is strongly encouraged, since your local group will receive a portion of your dues to continue supporting your community.

Volunteer Opportunities:



Thank you to Betsy Alper,  LICSW


   Thank you to Louanne Zinno, a professional coach who assists at meetings.  725-7462,                                               Michael, our Treasurer and Dave, Membership Chair.                                                                                  








 Wednesday, April 5   ~   7pm     " Women & ADHD With Donna Barre  ADHD Coach, Clinical Psychologist, Statistician  

APRIL 5-  WOMEN & ADHDw/coach Donna Barr

MAY 3- MEDITATION & ADHD w/ Stephanie Gove

JUNE 7- FUNCTIONAL PSYCHIATRY w. Dr. Lila Bosch , Barrington 213-3329










































































 - ADULTS WITH ADHD-with Psychiatrist Pamela Shervanick                                                                         -HOW THE ADHD BRAIN FUNCTIONS IN THE CLASSROOM AND BOARDROOM"  Terri Harrison Goldman. Neuropsychologist                                                                                                                                 -HOW TO USE TECHNOLOGY TO HELP WITH ADHD. BRING YOUR TECH DEVICES!!   RANdy Kulman.Southcountychildrenandfamily.ORG   




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