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Image Collection

The Image Collection stores the image and photo assets that are used to create chapter web pages. Once an image or photo is uploaded to the Image Collection, it can be used in any number of chapter web site pages and items.

Upload New Image

Upload New Image/Photo

  • Click within "Select Image" box and browse your local hard drive for the image or photo you want to upload. Select the file then fill out title of the image field. Optional: provide short description of the image and if appropriate indicate if image should be presented on chapter's homepage. Click Upload Image button.

  • The file will upload.

Supported image file types are JPG (JPEG) and PNG. The maximum upload file size for images is 5MB.

Please fill out all the required fields.

Required fields are marked with label "Required" and red color.

Please fill out all the required fields.

Select Image (Required):

Select Image

Image Title (Required):

Image Short Description:

Display image on chapter homepage

Manage Images and Photos

Below you can view, delete and manage images and photos that have been uploaded to your chapter Image Collection. Please note that deleting image/photo will affect existing content that use the image. Click an image to view at full size.


CHADD AFFILIATE ADMIN PORTAL: Essex County Associated Group (McGuire)*

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