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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects our lives in different ways. Symptoms are not the same for everyone and can appear differently over time.  We know that the best support often comes from those who have "been there"...those of us who live with ADHD.  Sharing, talking and networking with other ADHD adults and parents with ADHD children and teens and young adults, is a good way to learn about this "difference." More importantly, we learn that we are not alone.


Our Chapter's mission is to provide ongoing support to help us understand this "difference" which affects our lives, our children and our families. With the current concerns about mental health, in addition to the daily social demands among our youth and their families, we recognize a need to support families with hands-on strategies and practices.


The South Bay/So Cal Chapter of CHADD offers the following Support Programs for Adults, Mothers & Grandmothers, and Teens (ages 11-14) and their Parents:


1.  Our CHADD ADULT SUPPORT GROUP (AGES 18 +)  will resume via Zoom in June, 2023...dates/times tba.  Justine Ruotolo, LMFT, returns as our CHADD Adult Support Group facilitator. Justine Ruotolo, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and Virginia and an Executive Function/ADHD coach.


Justine has been working in the ADHD community for over 30 years and is a graduate of the Pepperdine University clinical master's program, with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. Justine works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and parents. Justine facilitated our Adult Group successfully for over 13 years and we are delighted that Justine is returning as our Adult Group Facilitator.  


If interested in participating, please email her at Justine @ and email Carolyn at



2.  Our CHADD FRIDAY NITE LIVE MEET-UP FOR TWEENS AND TEENS (Ages 11-14) AND THEIR PARENTS are in-person and monthly on a Friday night, from 6 pm - 7:30 pm. Doors open at 5:45 pm. We enjoy Pizza and a healthy treat together. Tweens/Teens begin their Meet-up and their parents move to an adjacent room for their Meet-up.


The ultimate goals of the Friday Nite Live Meet-up are to help strengthen resilience, teach self-advocacy and foster mental wellness in a confidential and safe space. It is important to learn how to better communicate within families to build trust, improve social skills and advocacy. 


Our Tween & Teen Meet-up provides opportunities to share their internal struggles and successes with others and develop positive strategies to navigate their feelings, improve social skills, and communicate effectively. 


Our Parent Meet-up provides opportunities for parents to learn and support each other and their children. Parenting is quite challenging under the best of circumstances. And when our tweens/teens struggle, parents struggle and parenting can be overwhelming and isolating.  

Erin Hansen, an educator and coach, who works with parents and children on how to communicate and connect, is our Teen Group Facilitator. She has worked with over 1500 parents, taught over 2000 students and presented workshops to 450 educators. Erin's website is:


We ended our first year on May 19th and are now on a Summer Break. We will resume in September, 2023. Dates TBA. For information about our CHADD FRIDAY NITE LIVE MEET-UP FOR TWEENS AND TEENS (ages 11-14) AND THEIR PARENTS, contact Carolyn Kelly, Chapter Coordinator @  



3. The CHADD WOW (WISDOM OF WOMEN) GROUP FOR MOTHERS & GRANDMOTHERS concludes our 6th Program Year on June 3rd, 2023 with Special Guest, Dr. Jessica Kiss. 


June 3, 2023 (ADHD Meds:  Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant Medications...Jessica Kiss, DO, Family Medicine Specialty)


Dr. Kiss will speak on the topic: "ADHD Meds: Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant medications." Dr. Kiss would also like to include her thoughts on Social Media today as it relates to ADHD and our children. Dr. Jessica Kiss graduated medical school from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University in Arizona after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Arizona. She completed her residency training at College Medical Center in Long Beach, where she was also chief resident. Dr. Kiss specializes in family medicine and will be treating kids and adults of all ages.

Dr. Kiss is the mother of 4 – twin girls, Bella and Kayla, Seth, and Alexis. She has a background in special needs, having been a special needs tutor and ABA therapist as well in LGBTQIA care. She advises the school district locally regarding health and safety. Her passions include spending time outside, being active with her family, all things Disney, and a love for performing arts.
During the pandemic, Dr Kiss was compelled to teach health and wellness to more than just her local community, so she took to social media becoming a sought after medical and healthcare influencer on Tiktok amassing more than 220k followers. She has since been featured as a medical expert for CNN, NBC, Yahoo!, Time, Scary Mommy, and the Leaky Boob.

Dr. Kiss is also AskDrMom on tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. On her website, this quote appears "Every Individual matters. Every Individual has a role to play. Every Individual makes a Difference." Yes, we do all matter and we do all make a difference! 


We will take a summer break and will resume in September, 2023, Dates and Special Guests TBA and available later this summer. For more information about our CHADD WOW (Wisdom of Women) SUPPORT GROUP FOR MOTHERS & GRANDMOTHERS, contact Carolyn Kelly, chapter coordinator at
















We encourage you to become a CHADD member. For about $1 a week ($53 Annual Family Membership or $130 Annual Professional Membership), you would help support your local chapter and CHADD's national advocacy efforts for information, services, support and accommodations in the schools and in the workplace.

FOR INFORMATION, email Carolyn Kelly at

Do you need immediate assistance? 

As a volunteer, I may not be able to get back to you if you need immediate assistance. 

If you are seeking information for something that is time-sensitive (such as an IEP/Section 504 meeting at your child’s school), or are looking for a local  professional with AD/HD expertise, please contact CHADD’s National Resource Center on AD/HD (NRC), online at or by phone toll-free at 800-233-4050 (press option 2, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern time). 

The NRC is staffed by trained health information professionals who can answer many of your questions about AD/HD and provide other helpful information and resources. (NOTE: the NRC does not provide legal or medical advice, but can offer ideas and suggestions to help you find what you are looking for).

CHADD does not endorse or represent products, services, publication, medications or treatments. Meetings are free and open to the public, although membership with CHADD is strongly encouraged, since your local group will receive a portion of your dues to continue supporting your community.


Contact Information


Contact: Carolyn Kelly




Chapter Logo

Photo Gallery

Local Volunteer Opportunities



If you would like to volunteer your talents to this group, please send us an e-mail at 





Contact: Carolyn Kelly;  Email:


CHADD Local Support Groups and Affiliates Need Your Support


CHADD has local support groups in every state in the United States. Each group offers programming or information specific to their geographic area. These groups offer assistance for parents, children, young adults, adults and other stakeholders (psychologists, teachers, doctors, etc.). These groups provide advocacy, support, networking and information to those affected by AD/HD in their communities.


Ways you can support these efforts are as follows:


  • Donate to this effort

  • Contact your local CHADD group to advocate for support groups

  •  Contact your school district to host and support newly forming or current groups

  • Contact your local community foundation or other foundations in your area to support this effort


For questions on these, or any options to support CHADD please visit our web site at or contact the CHADD National office at (301) 306-7070.



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