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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects our lives in different ways. Symptoms are not the same for everyone and can appear differently over time.  We know that the best support often comes from those who have "been there"...those of us who live with ADHD.  Sharing, talking and networking with other ADHD adults and parents with ADHD children and teens and young adults, is a good way to learn about this "difference." More importantly, we learn that we are not alone.

Our Chapter's mission is to provide ongoing support to help us understand this "difference" which affects our lives, our children and our families. With the current concerns about mental health, in addition to the daily social demands among our youth and their families, we recognize a need to support families with hands-on strategies and practices.


Introducing our CHADD FRIDAY NITE LIVE MEET-UP FOR TWEENS AND TEENS (Ages 11-14) AND THEIR PARENTS.  These are in-person and monthly on a Friday night, from 6 pm - 7:30 pm. Doors open at 5:45 pm. We enjoy Pizza and a healthy treat together. Tweens/Teens begin their Meet-up and their parents move to an adjacent room for their Meet-up.


The ultimate goals of the Friday Nite Live Meet-up are to help strengthen resilience, teach self-advocacy and foster mental wellness in a confidential and safe space. It is important to learn how to better communicate within families to build trust, improve social skills and advocacy. 


Our Tween & Teen Meet-up provides opportunities to share their internal struggles and successes with others and develop positive strategies to navigate their feelings, improve social skills, and communicate effectively. 


Our Parent Meet-up provides opportunities for parents to learn and support each other and their children. Parenting is quite challenging under the best of circumstances. And when our tweens/teens struggle, parents struggle and parenting can be overwhelming and isolating.  


Here are our 2022-23 CHADD Friday Nite Live Meet-up dates: 


June 24, 2022.....July 15, 2022..... August 19, 2022..... September 23, 2022..... October 14, 2022..... November 18, 2022..... December 16, 2022..... January 20, 2023..... February 24, 2023..... March 17, 2023..... April 14, 2023..... May 19, 2023.


Introducing the CHADD Friday Nite Live Meet-up Team: 


Erin Hansen, an educator and coach, who works with parents and children on how to communicate and connect. She has worked with over 1500 parents, taught over 2000 students and presented workshops to 450 educators.


Dr. Christine Jaynes-Bell is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate in Psychology and certified in Psychopharmacology. Dr. Jaynes-Bell is in private practice and specializes in working with families and has facilitated many parent and teen support groups. Dr. Jaynes-Bell brings years of experience working with families to the team. 


Kathy Whelan-Gioia is an Educational Advocate and Diagnostic Educational Specialist, now retired from the State of California. Ms. Whelan-Gioia continues to work with parents, children and educational professionals as an advocate.  Ms. Whelan-Gioia is a member of numerous educational associations and is co-facilitator of the CHADD WOW Group for Mothers and Grandmothers. 



For information about our CHADD FRIDAY NITE LIVE MEET-UP FOR TWEENS AND TEENS (ages 11-14) and our MEET-UP FOR PARENTS OF THOSE TWEENS AND TEENS, contact Carolyn Kelly, Chapter Coordinator @  




The CHADD WOW (WISDOM OF WOMEN) GROUP FOR MOTHERS & GRANDMOTHERS begins it's 6th Program Year. Here are the 2022-23 dates for our Zoom meetings on Saturdays from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm:


September 10, 2022 (Effective Strategies to Connect Home, Students and School Demands...Kathy Whelan Gioia, MS, M.Ed, Educational Advocate)


October 15, 2022 (Topic:  Untreated Children With ADHD Will Have a Hard Time Performing to the Best of their Abilities.  When Treated...They Have a Chance!... Special Guest Nguyen Nguyen, MD)


November 12, 2022 (The ADHD Toolbox for Life...Scott Gutentag, PhD, School Psychologist, Diagnostic Center, California Dept of Education)


December 10, 2022 (Communication with the ADHD Family Dynamic...David Simmons, MFT)


David Simmons works with children, adolescents, young adults and their families during periods of turmoil and crisis. Your son or daughter may become more distant; grades are less predictable; friends may have changed and there seems to be more conflict at home. Intuitively, you know something is going on, but aren't able to reach your child. This is when a therapist can help bridge the gap. Mental health for young people and their families is an ongoing process where a support system is developed and used throughout childhood and adolescence and into adulthood. Working together as a team with family, school, pediatricians and psychiatrists is important to catch kids before they fall through the cracks. Join us and learn how we can improve our communication skills within the ADHD family dynamic. 


January 14,2023 (How Anxiety Affects Executive Function Deficits...Justine Ruotolo, LMFT, ADHD, Life & Executive Function Coach)


Justine Ruotolo, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and Virginia and an executive function /ADHD coach. Justine will be discussing the way anxiety can exacerbate executive function deficits, discussing these deficits individually, and how they are affected by anxiety such as general anxiety disorder, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and perfectionism.


Justine has been working in the ADHD community for 30 years and is a graduate of the Pepperdine University clinical master’s program, with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. Justine works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and parents.


Justine will discuss ALSO the shame associated with the diagnosis and how it can destroy someone from the inside out. Justine highlights with clients their creative mindset, and focuses on their successes, while dealing with their disappointments, and allowing them to be part of the solution not sitting in the problem.

Here is a list of the executive function deficits: Impulsivity, Dysregulated Focus, Forgetful, Losing Things, Procrastination , Emotional Regulation, Scattered, Unorganized, Short-Term Memory Issues, Understanding the Concept of Time, Sequencing and Feeling Overwhelmed. 


February 11, 2023 (ADHD in Girls and Women: The Importance of Early Intervention...Joanne Norris, Ed.D, Educator, Neurodiversity Advisor, Speaker and Trainer, ADHD Specialist & ASC Coach & Donnalea Barber, ICF PCC credentialed Life Coach, co-founder of Coaching Suicide Awareness)


Late diagnosis and the challenges of untreated ADHD are at the center of everything when it comes to psychoeducation about ADHD in Girls and Women. Joanne Norris and Donnalea Barber's presentation with focus on various aspects of how ADHD manifests in women and girls, including the reasons why - and resulting risks - so many women reach adulthood and beyond before being diagnosed. That topic will be addressed in this presentation. Issues such as the hormonal effects on ADHD symptoms and the prevalence of misdiagnoses and late diagnoses will feature prominently as will the indicators that should act as red flags to healthcare professionals. The challenges and risks of having untreated ADHD will be stressed (ranging from underachievement at school to being underqualified at work, broken relationships, loss of employment, unhealthy compensatory strategies, and the real risks of suicide if left untreated wil also be discussed. Joanne and Donnalea will also share some useful strategies and tips for the better management of ADHD in women. Above all, the importance of Early Intervention for girls and women who have ADHD and related conditions will be highlighted.


Joanne Norris is a former teacher, trainer and college instructor and a specialized ADHD &ASC coach for over 17 years. Joanne was President/Education Chair of ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium for 11 years, bringing experts from US, UK, Ireland and Netherlands to share their expertise with parents, teachers, healthcare professions, etc. about ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism in presentations, courses and conferences in Belgium. 


Joanne is currently Education Advisor for ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium and co-founder (with Donnalea Barber, ADHD & Life Coach, the original Founder of the organization in 2002) for the "Knowing Me, Knowing You" free online ADHD Support Group for women, comng full circle...Once a volunteer, always a volunteer is their motto!


Donnalea Barber is an ICF PCC-credentialed Life coach (Coaches Training Institute), specializing in ADHD. Her success career is grounded in family, public health and health promotion. Donnalea's efforts multi-varied-beginning in Canada and ending in Canada. Donnalea also spent periods living, working and studying in Africa, England, France, Belgium and Singapore.  


As an active coach, Donnalea brings a neuroscience-informed approach in support of her neurodivergent clients to better understand their unique brain wiring.  While helping them navigate their specific challenges of ADHD, her clients learn to leverage their strengths and accentuate their positives. When they become grounded in their inner strengths, they start to live more balanced lives and find the future they want.


Donnalea is Communications Director and co-founder of Coaching Suicide Awareness. Donna co-facilitates with Joanne, the global Knowing Me, Knowing You peer-to-peer ADHD Women's Support Group currently based in Belgium.



March 11, 202(How to Keep Your Child Motivated & Sharp To End the School Year Strong...Erin Hansen, Educator & Middle School Life Coach & Parenting Expert)


April 8, 2023 (Treating Shame to Improve Focus and Attitude in ADHD, Valerie Maxwell, PhD)


May 6, 2023 (Teens and Mental Wellness...Special Guest Kelly Baranick, M.A., Head School Counselor)


June 10, 2023  (ADHD Meds:  Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant Meds...Jessica Kiss, DO, Family Medicine Specialty)



For more information about our CHADD WOW (Wisdom of Women) SUPPORT GROUP FOR MOTHERS & GRANDMOTHERS, contact Carolyn Kelly, chapter coordinator at
















We encourage you to become a CHADD member. For about $1 a week ($53 Annual Family Membership or $130 Annual Professional Membership), you would help support your local chapter and CHADD's national advocacy efforts for information, services, support and accommodations in the schools and in the workplace.

FOR INFORMATION, email Carolyn Kelly at

Do you need immediate assistance? 

As a volunteer, I may not be able to get back to you if you need immediate assistance. 

If you are seeking information for something that is time-sensitive (such as an IEP/Section 504 meeting at your child’s school), or are looking for a local  professional with AD/HD expertise, please contact CHADD’s National Resource Center on AD/HD (NRC), online at or by phone toll-free at 800-233-4050 (press option 2, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern time). 

The NRC is staffed by trained health information professionals who can answer many of your questions about AD/HD and provide other helpful information and resources. (NOTE: the NRC does not provide legal or medical advice, but can offer ideas and suggestions to help you find what you are looking for).

CHADD does not endorse or represent products, services, publication, medications or treatments. Meetings are free and open to the public, although membership with CHADD is strongly encouraged, since your local group will receive a portion of your dues to continue supporting your community.


Contact Information


Contact: Carolyn Kelly




Chapter Logo

Photo Gallery

Local Volunteer Opportunities



If you would like to volunteer your talents to this group, please send us an e-mail at 





Contact: Carolyn Kelly;  Email:


CHADD Local Support Groups and Affiliates Need Your Support


CHADD has local support groups in every state in the United States. Each group offers programming or information specific to their geographic area. These groups offer assistance for parents, children, young adults, adults and other stakeholders (psychologists, teachers, doctors, etc.). These groups provide advocacy, support, networking and information to those affected by AD/HD in their communities.


Ways you can support these efforts are as follows:


  • Donate to this effort

  • Contact your local CHADD group to advocate for support groups

  •  Contact your school district to host and support newly forming or current groups

  • Contact your local community foundation or other foundations in your area to support this effort


For questions on these, or any options to support CHADD please visit our web site at or contact the CHADD National office at (301) 306-7070.



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