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Welcome to the Davis County Branch of the CHADD of Utah Chapter

For more information please visit:

CHADD of Utah


Parent Support Group
This group is currently under reconstruction. Please stayed tuned for details.




*Parent to Parent: Family Training on AD/HD*

We are now accepting 2022/23 class registration.  

For more information please email question to:


To register please send an email to: with the following:

  1. Name of participants:
  2. What are you registering as - Parent, Teacher, or Other:
  3. Contact number:
  4. City of Residence:
  5. Email address:
  6. Which session - Fall, Winter, Spring:
  7. Payment method choice: Check, Venmo or Cash


Seating is limited. Please register early. 

The cost for the class series is: $80.00 per family or educator / $70.00 for CHADD members

Each class will be held 1 night a week for 7 weeks.

Fall Series: Tuesdays

Winter Series: Thursdays

Spring Series:  Wednesdays


Class topics will be:

  1. Overview of AD/HD
  2. Assessment to Multimodal Treatment
  3. Strengthening Family Relationships - Behavior Management, Part I
  4. Developing Parenting Strategies and Positive Behavior Interventions – Behavior Management, Part II
  5. Educational Rights for your Child with AD/HD
  6. Building an Education Team: Bridging the Gap Between Home and School
  7. Resiliency, Teen Challenges and Future Success

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 P.M.  First session of each series begins early, 5:45 sharp!

Location: Zoom Link

* ------ *

Attention Parent-to-Parent Alumni
Have you already attended prior Parent-to-Parent classes and would like a refresher on any topic? You are welcome to attend any of the current or future sessions of Parent-to-Parent classes at anytime free of charge.


"Love your child, no matter what-and teach him to love himself.  Your unconditional love will give you patience when he's pushing your buttons, give you hope when things seem dark, and most importantly, give your child the ability to see the good in himself and to know that no matter what happens in life-he is loved."  Jaydra Hymer

CHADD does not endorse or represent products, services, publication, medications or treatments. Although support group classes are free and open to the public, membership with CHADD is strongly encouraged, since your local group will receive a portion of your dues to continue supporting your community.

Contact Information


Contact: CHADD of Utah




Chapter Logo

Photo Gallery

Local Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer your talents to this group, please send us an e-mail at

CHADD AFFILIATE: Davis County Branch of CHADD of Utah

Contact: CHADD of Utah;  Email:


CHADD Local Support Groups and Affiliates Need Your Support


CHADD has local support groups in every state in the United States. Each group offers programming or information specific to their geographic area. These groups offer assistance for parents, children, young adults, adults and other stakeholders (psychologists, teachers, doctors, etc.). These groups provide advocacy, support, networking and information to those affected by AD/HD in their communities.


Ways you can support these efforts are as follows:


  • Donate to this effort

  • Contact your local CHADD group to advocate for support groups

  •  Contact your school district to host and support newly forming or current groups

  • Contact your local community foundation or other foundations in your area to support this effort


For questions on these, or any options to support CHADD please visit our web site at or contact the CHADD National office at (301) 306-7070.


CHADD AFFILIATE: Davis County Branch of CHADD of Utah

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