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Managing Complex Kids (and Ourselves) in Complex Times

January 12, 2021 | 7:00 PM–8:30 PM

Learn techniques and strategies to empower your kids (and yourself) to make more confident decisions in quarantine - and beyond.

Speaker(s): Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Contact: CHADD of Northern VA/DC


Online via Zoom

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Since we’re all living “in interesting times” this year, join us for a timely conversation with Elaine Taylor Klaus, PCC, CPCC, and Diane Dempster, PCC, CPC, MHSA, from As professional coaches, one with ADHD and one without, they’ll offer a few key strategies for navigating today’s complex times in the world of ADHD — with or without kids!


There are some tried and true techniques and strategies that will help you support yourself and your family, whether you’re in quarantine, navigating hybrid work and school, or figuring out how to start living “normally “ in uncertain times. Learn some tricks to empower your kids (and even yourself) to make increasingly more confident decisions — not just in the weeks and months ahead, but for the long term.


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CHADD AFFILIATE: CHADD of Northern Virginia & District of Columbia

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