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September 18, 2021 | 6:30 pm

When Anxiety or Depression Accompany ADHD: Effects and Expectations

Speaker(s): Karolina Claxton, Ed. D, Director Perspectives Group

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This seminar will provide insights about the cognitive, academic, emotional, social and lifestyle impacts of the coexistence of ADHD and the most common difficulties with mood.  Symptoms of anxiety and/or depression can affect all the processes associated with learning, including decision-making, motivation, comprehension, self-advocacy, and memory.  It can also affect learning indirectly, by affecting other factors, like sleep, nutrition, inflammation, and social connection, which affect learning as well.  As we navigate the transition from remote learning contexts to post-pandemic learning environments, it is critical for families of students with ADHD to develop an understanding of the ways in which anxiety and depression - as well as the combination thereof - complicate ADHD.  In addition to delving into these dynamics, we will discuss methods of effective communication around these issues and prioritization of interventions. 


Karolina Claxton, Ed.D., Director Prospectives Group, has worked for more than 20 years to train people and organizations in strategies to improve learning, memory and productivity.  Her expertise lies in the anatomy of learning itself.  She leads the team at Perspectives Group in training people and solving problems in all areas of learning, including instructional design, information processing, and the development of 21st Century skills. She is also the principal of The Foundry, a consulting group that provides organizational development services and training for small and medium-sized businesses.  She earned her BA at NYU, her Master of Public Policy at UCLA, and her doctorate in educational psychology at USC. Through a grant-funded program at UCLA, she co-authored an entrepreneurial business plan for a special needs high school.  At USC, she conducted research on self-regulated learning among students with and without ADHD in an online environment. In New York, Karolina worked as an English and ESL teacher of students with and without special needs.  During that time she founded and ran programs for English Language Learners and worked as a curriculum writer and professional development consultant.  In Los Angeles, she has held curriculum design and professional development positions to train faculty at Windward School and Westside Neighborhood School.  She served on the board of directors at FOCUSfish, a non-profit organization that provides alternative fitness programs to people in need. She is a twin mom and flies trapeze for fun.



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