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CHADD knew all of the resources I needed.  They helped me find solutions for my son and our family so we could better understand, treat and live with my son's AD/HD.  I felt free to share our situation with others without being judged."
   --Loretta Buckner, Member since 1995

Member Types

Families and Adults

 Family and Adults

As the caretakers of a child with AD/HD, you'll belong to a network of people like yourself, parents who understand the daily challenges you and your family face, and who are successfully meeting those challenges. Information, support and programs are available through local chapters. For a current listing of chapters, please visit our chapter locator.

Adults with AD/HD will have access to information on a broad range of topics such as managing relationships, time management, workplace issues, and diagnosis and treatment. Information, support and programs are available through local chapters. For a current listing of chapters, please visit our chapter locator.

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Educators and Students

 Educators and StudentsReceive the most recent facts and research to provide background information and context on the many concerns and issues surrounding Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD).

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 ProfessionalsProfessionals who work to help children and/or adults with AD/HD will receive the latest scientific findings about the disorder and related topics. Through CHADD's Professional Advisory Board, comprised of top experts in the fields of medicine, education and law, you will also have access to the best practices associated with AD/HD.

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 OrganizationsDesigned for schools, hospitals, education and counseling centers, health care agencies and clinics.

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