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CHADD of BC - Support Group - Parents of Children with ADHD (Pre-K - 6th Grade).

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The Second Wednesday of the Month
8:00 pm–9:15 pm

Facilitated by Joni Corn and Andrea Elrom.


Zoom link - Email to get access

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About Andrea:



Andrea Elrom is an ADHD and executive function coach with more than 19 years of experience working with children and parents. In her New York City-based practice, which includes workshops, individual and group sessions, Andrea emphasizes the use of empathy and understanding to help parents develop effective strategies for addressing their children’s challenging behaviors. She also works with independent schools, using a strengths-based approach to help students develop their executive function skills. In her Calm and Connected © workshop series, Andrea helps families improve the overall dynamics and quality of family life by building on a family’s existing strengths. Andrea earned her Master’s degree from New York University in Elementary Education and received her ADHD/Life Coach training through ADD Coach Academy. She often presents at the NYC Hallowell Center (, facilitates support groups for ADDA, Chosen to speak at the international CHADD conference and can be seen on “Ask The Expert” and ADHD MIddle School Summit.




About Joni:


Joni is an ADHD and Executive Function Parent Coach.  Within her practice, Calm and Connected© workshops, and parent support groups, she focuses on the intersection of ADHD, parenting and Positive Psychology.  She utilizes a strength-based approach to help parents understand and appreciate the gifts of ADHD, fosters the parent-child connection to elicit growth, change and family harmony, teaches cooperation and collaborative problem-solving, and helps parents provide their ADHD children with a solid foundation of self-esteem and self-worth.  Joni was trained by the Wholebeing Institute and the ADHD Parent Coach Academy.  


Joni graduated from Bucknell University and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.  After practicing law for several years, she had her first son.  Upon observing the deficit-based approach to his learning challenges in his preschool classroom and seeing the effect on his self-esteem, Joni decided to change course and went on to homeschool her two children through high school.  During that time, she studied Attachment Parenting, Non-Violent Communication, took a leadership role in her homeschool community and, wanting to share the many lessons she had learned along the way, became a parent coach.  Her 20 years of parenting ADHD have provided her with a wealth of experience to share with parents of ADHD children and teens.


Contact: Ellen Schwartz, PhD, chapter coordinator;  Email:



2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD

November 5-7



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