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ADDitude Magazine

Join today for FREE premium access, expert guidance, support from people like you, and more.

CHADD - San Fernando Valley Facebook Group

Visit our chapter's Facebook Group @CHADDSFV for support, eduction, and the latest updates on our meeting speakers.

CHADD Parent-to-Parent Training Program

Recent diagnosis? Haven't sought out help yet? Need guidance and direction for your child and your family? This program will educate you and prepare you for the journey as an ADHD Parent. What better way to help our children to thrive!!

CHADD of San Fernando Valley Events

Find all the latest details on CHADD of SFV local events - including support group meetings, ADHD education speaker series, workshops, and even online events.

CHADD of San Fernando Valley Website



Welcome to the new home of the blogs hosted by CHADD, the national resource on ADHD. We feature regular commentaries by CHADD leaders, ADHD experts, treatment professionals, educators, coaches, parents, and adults with ADHD. Reader comments and queries are welcome. Join the conversation!


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CHADD AFFILIATE: CHADD of San Fernando Valley

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CHADD AFFILIATE: CHADD of San Fernando Valley