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CHADD of San Fernando Valley is a service-oriented nonprofit that exists to improve the lives of people in our community who are impacted by ADHD. We provide information, education and training, connections to resources, and free support groups. Our goal is to help build a strong, educated, ADHD-savvy community in the San Fernando Valley. Our chapter welcomes all who are affected by or involved in supporting ADHD - parents, adults, educators and professionals. Connect with us and other local members on FACEBOOK and MeetUp.



Join our MeetUp group HERE to access our meeting schedule and RSVP for upcoming events. You don't have to be a CHADD member* to attend events. We kindly suggest a $5-$10 donation per meeting from non-members to help us offset costs for space and materials. You can also make a tax deductable donation online. 


“Supporting the ADHD Child” Speaker Meeting more info
These meetings serve those of us who are raising, educating, and treating ADHD children - parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators, clinicians, child development specialists, and ADHD professionals. Some of our topics are also great for adults with ADHD, so check the MeetUp schedule for upcoming topics. We unite to learn, connect, and discuss the challenges and solutions to help our ADHD children live their best lives. Doors open at 6:30 pm for informal support discussions and networking. Our educational presentation is from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. This varies by month and can be a speaker, video presentation, or reading. We leave time from 8:00 - 8:20 pm for group discussion, speaker or peer questions, and support. We meet one Wednesday evening per month at Bridges Academy in Studio City. Childcare is not provided at this meeting. 


Parents of ADHD Children Peer Support Group more info
Every other month, CHADD of SFV hosts an informal pay-for-yourself dinner gathering to connect local ADHD parents /caregivers with one another. These gatherings provide an opportunity for peer support and resource sharing in a safe, judgement-free environment where parents of ADHD children can share about challenges and struggles with peers who understand. In order to promote sharing, these gatherings are open ONLY to adults who are parents or caregivers of a child with ADHD, executive function challenges, sensory challenges, and/or self regulation challenges. Dates and locations can be found on MeetUp. The group also has a private, online group (see details below) to provide support between gatherings. Childcare not provided. Each attendee pays for their own meal and beverages. A $5-$10 tax-deductable donation is kindly requested and can be made in advance online. 


Adult ADHD Peer Support Group more info
These meetings offer a supportive, judgement-free environment where adults 18+ can reflect and share about the challenges of living with ADHD, set meaningful goals with group encouragement, and work to improve our lives. Some of us were diagnosed as children and others only recently. Some choose medication while others cannot or do not. Regardless of our differences, we come together united by our diagnosis, to speak directly with others like us who truly understand the experience of living firsthand with ADHD. In order to promote a safe environment for sharing, this support group is ONLY open to adults 18+ with ADHD. The format for ADHD SPACE meetings was developed by ADHD brain, advocate, and speaker Jessica McCabe of CHADD of San Fernando Valley partnered with Jessica to workshop and refine her original online meeting format for a live group setting. We meet one Sunday evening per month at The Legacy Center in Woodland Hills from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Doors open at 4:15 pm for those who’d like to chat or help set-up -- and participants are welcome to stick around after the meeting until 6:00 pm. 


SFV Parents of ADHD Children - Online Support Community more info

SFV ADHD Adults - Online Support Community more info

Our local, online support groups are great if you're looking for support between our face-to-face meetings or even if you haven't been able to make it to one yet. Here, you can access your peers 24/7 to:

+ ask for suggestions about current challenges
+ share your successes with people who "get it"
+ find accountability partners to help you set and reach your goals
+ share and learn tips, tools, and skills
+ find and share local resources

Our groups' privacy settings keep all posts - and group member names - private to everyone except the members of the group. 



*Although not a requirement to attend our local meetings, we urge you to consider becoming a member of CHADD for just $53 annually (and select CHADD of San Fernando Valley as your chapter). Your tax-deductable membership dues not only support CHADD's work nationally and benefit you -- they also have a positive impact our chapter locally. For each new member affiliated with our chapter, we receive a modest donation from CHADD national. For that we are so grateful. Aside from that, our chapter is funded by donations collected at our meetings and from a handful of supportive community partners. Every $1 counts to support our chapter's mission of providing free or very low-cost resources to improve the lives of those impacted by ADHD here in the San Fernando Valley.



If you're seeking information for something that is time-sensitive (an IEP/Section 504 meeting at your child’s school) or you're seeking a professional with ADHD expertise, please contact CHADD’s National Resource Center on AD/HD (NRC), online at or by phone toll-free at 800.233.4050 (press option 2, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST). The NRC is staffed by trained health information professionals who can answer questions about ADHD and share helpful information and resources.

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CHADD AFFILIATE: CHADD of San Fernando Valley

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CHADD Local Support Groups and Affiliates Need Your Support


CHADD has local support groups in every state in the United States. Each group offers programming or information specific to their geographic area. These groups offer assistance for parents, children, young adults, adults and other stakeholders (psychologists, teachers, doctors, etc.). These groups provide advocacy, support, networking and information to those affected by AD/HD in their communities.


Ways you can support these efforts are as follows:


  • Donate to this effort

  • Contact your local CHADD group to advocate for support groups

  •  Contact your school district to host and support newly forming or current groups

  • Contact your local community foundation or other foundations in your area to support this effort


For questions on these, or any options to support CHADD please visit our web site at or contact the CHADD National office at (301) 306-7070.


CHADD AFFILIATE: CHADD of San Fernando Valley