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2021 Annual International Conference On ADHD 

Our theme of LIVE! LAUGH! LOVE! says it all. We strongly believe that our conference (and everyone impacted by ADHD) is better off when adults with ADHD and their romantic partners, parents of kids with ADHD, clinicians of all kinds, coaches, organizers, educators, and advocates all gather to learn from each other.

This conference will not only feed your mind, but also your soul as you meet other kindred spirits. We have top-notch speakers and authors sharing their wisdom, but you will also benefit from all those conversations with fellow attendees sitting next to you, waiting in the coffee line, and wandering the exhibit hall.    



CHADD AFFILIATE: Westchester-Putnam & Vicinity CHADD, NY-376

Contact: Karen Trovato or Emily Persons;  Email:


CHADD AFFILIATE: Westchester-Putnam & Vicinity CHADD, NY-376

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