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Does the Davis ADHD group for Women meet in person or virtually?

As of January 2023, we have been meeting in person at the Mary L. Stephens Davis Library.  We will continue to meet in person, barring any health emergencies.

What if I'm running late?

We totally get it!! heart Come when you can.  Sorry, we are not allowed to have food or drink in the small conference room.  If you want to let us know you're on your way, email Eleanor Pracht-Smith, 

What should I bring?

Yourself and a mask.  Some people like to have a notebook and pen.  If you have resources to share...magazines, books, websites, apps or other things that you have found helpful in your journey with ADHD, bring it along.  The library does not want us to have any food or drinks in the small conference room. .  

What time is the meeting?

Our meeting runs from 6:30 - 8:00 pm sharp.  The library closes at 8 pm, so they ask us to be out of the building when they close.  Great boundaries for someone with ADHD!!.  We can always talk outside the building.  If you want to share something with the leader, we try to get there by 6:15 at the latest.  

When does the Davis ADHD Group for Women meet?

We meet every third Thursday of each month.  We do not meet during the month of July.  

Where is the meeting for Davis ADHD Group for Women held?

Mary L. Stephens – Davis Branch Library

315 E. 14th Street, Davis, CA 95616

Directions to Mary L Stephens Davis Library

We are located in the small conference room which is located inside the library.  The small conference room is located in the back left hand side of the childrens section in the library.   


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CHADD AFFILIATE: Davis ADHD Group for Women

Contact: Eleanor Pracht-Smith;  Email:


CHADD AFFILIATE: Davis ADHD Group for Women

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