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CHADD Programs

Learn more about parent trainings, membership benefits, international and local conferences.

Find a local professional - or get listed on the directory

The CHADD Professional Directory can be an invaluable resource to find professionals, products, or others providing services for families and individuals living with AD/HD. The Directory may be searched by location or by type of service offered.

Learn more about AD/HD

Find answers to frequently asked questions, search the online library, download "what we know" sheets and more.

Our Yahoo Group page

This is a private page, so you will have to ask permission to join. One of the group moderators will approve you, and you will have access to a great local resource


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CHADD AFFILIATE: West Suburban Adult Satellite of CHADD

Contact: George O.;  Email:;  Phone: 331-223-4293


CHADD AFFILIATE: West Suburban Adult Satellite of CHADD

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