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Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) was founded in 1987 in response to the frustration and sense of isolation experienced by parents and their children with ADHD. At that time, one could turn to very few places for support or information. Many people seriously misunderstood ADHD. Many clinicians and educators knew little about the disability, and individuals with ADHD were often mistakenly labeled “a behavior problem,” “unmotivated,” or “not intelligent enough.”



ADHD is medically and legally recognized as a treatable yet potentially serious disorder, affecting up to nine percent of all children, and approximately four percent of adults.


Today, children with ADHD are eligible for special education services or accommodations within the regular classroom when needed, and adults with ADHD may be eligible for accommodations in the workplace under the Americans with Disabilities Act. CHADD is a success story, inspired by the desire of countless parents to see their children with ADHD succeed. From one parent support group in Florida, the organization grew dramatically to become the leading non-profit national organization for children and adults with ADHD.


The organization has a small national staff, which manages the day-to-day responsibilities, while its Board of Directors sets policy and oversees the organization’s well being. The organization is composed of dedicated volunteers from around the country who play an integral part in the association’s success by providing support, education and encouragement to parents, educators and professionals on a grassroots level through CHADD chapters. Along with its growth in membership and reputation, CHADD has retained the passion and commitment of its founders.


National Website:


 Suffolk County CHADD offers:


Monthly Support Groups & Educational Presentations via ZOOM

Maintains Resources for the Community  

Presents at SEPTA/PTA Meetings



CHADD of Suffolk County Board


Coordinator: MarieElena Gandini, RDH



Secretary: MarieElena Gandini, RDH


Treasurer: Phyllis Hintze, Esq


Adult Support Group Facilitator: Bob O’Brien, M.A.


Parent/Caregiver Support Group Facilitator: Carlene Fallica, BCBA, LBA, ADHD-CCSP


FaceBook Admin: Cheryl Olsen


Past Coordinator: Eric Haracz, M.Ed



Professional Advisory Board:


David Curtis, Ph.D. - Private Practice Huntington, NY

Valerie Colavecchio Dill - New York State Parent to Parent

Lisa LoPinto, Ph.D. - Private Practice, Tele-Mental Health Services in NY

Joseph Volpe, Ph.D. - Executive Director East End Psychological Services, P.C




Interested in joining Suffolk County CHADD'S Professional Advisory Board?


Please email MarieElena Gandini:










Contact: MarieElena Gandini;  Email:



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