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CHADD's Parent to Parent training on AD/HD

This is a 14 hour multi-session, interactive and educational progam for parents of children and adolescents with AD/HD. Classes are taught by certified Parent to Parent Instructors. Classes meet in a 2 day seminar format over two weekends. Participants receive extensive materials to support them, including articles, reference materials, handouts, and a workbook. There is a fee for the class and it is only available to CHADD members. You can join CHADD when you register for the class or you can join CHADD online or by calling 800-233-4050. Gain valuable information, tools and strategies for behavioral management, effective treatment, partnering with schools and other challenges associated with raising a child with AD/HD. Classes are taught by certified P2P teachers.

Email to request a registration form or visit the meetings and events section to download the forms for the next training. Registrations are taken on a first come/first serve basis until the class is full. There is a waiting list available.

The AD/HD Journey – What do you need to Know? 

Whether in school, at work, in a family or relationship, the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can leave one thinking, “Now What”?  ADHD is a complex disorder which historically has been seen as a mere nuisance condition of “spaciness” or “hyperactivity”.  But in the last ten years much has been studied and revealed about it.  To achieve success and avoid potential devastating effects, parents, teachers, coaches, spouses and affected individuals all need to be armed with the right knowledge and attitude about ADHD. Here's your answer to where to go to get informed. In this two hour education class, you will get answers about ADHD causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and answers to frequently asked questions.  Offered by demand and for a small fee, this class is an opportunity to get informed and empowered about how to live with, manage, or help someone with ADHD.  For information please contact Jane at


Teacher Friendly Training for ADHD
Is your school in need of information and training to help your faculty and staff gain the knowledge and tools they need to manage AD/HD in the classroom?  The Red River Valley Satellite of CHADD offers ADHD FRIENDLY TEACHING - teacher training modules.

 Session I:  

Provides an overview of the latest scientifically researched information about AD/HD, the executive functions and other key symptoms and how this impacts school performance and behavior.  Teachers will be invited to rethink AD/HD from a cognitive perspective and understand how weak executive functions affect learning for a student with AD/HD.  Teachers will come away with a current working knowledge and understanding about AD/HD and its challenges in the school setting.  

 Session II:

An interactive training presentation of the most current evidence based teaching techniques and strategies for helping students with AD/HD succeed in the school setting.  Teachers will discover effective tools for teaching students with AD/HD.  Of note - these strategies are also effective for students with other low to moderate learning challenges.

 The training curriculum is developed and standardized by CHADD and provided in 2 - 1 1/2 hour sessions for a total of 3 hours, which includes time for question/answer and discussion.
Parent to Parent Training Instructors, certified by CHADD provide the training.

Contact Jane or Steph for an informational flyer about how you can bring this training to your school.



Customized In-service, Education and Out-reach

CHADD is at the forefront in providing schools, educators, healthcare professionals and parent and other groups with the most current and authoritative scientific findings about ADHD. Customized in-service presentations are available for the many aspects of AD/HD and its management. Contact Jane for topic lists, more information, or to set up a presentation for your specific needs with your group, class, employees or colleagues.

Our Monthly Meetings...

The local satellite of CHADD offers and provides:

1.       Monthly Educational Support Group Meetings for Parents and Families of 

          children and teens with ADHD.

2.       Monthly Educational Support Group Meetings for Adults with ADHD.

General meeting information

·         When: Monthly - dates provided upon Enrollment.

·         Where: Locations for 2015 pending - please check back frequently.

·         Files and notes: Meeting files and notes from past meetings.

·         Childcare: Due to insurance restrictions Childcare is NOT available at our meetings at this time.

See meetings and events for specific event details.

       3.  Monthly Speaker Series - Classes on ADHD

General Information -

  • The Monthly Speaker series classes features area experts and professionals who will present on various topics relevant to the management of ADHD. 
  • Classes are held on Mondays at the West Acres Community Meeting Room in the Basement of the JC Penney Wing - Fargo, ND.  
  • Classes are free and open to the Public.
  • Childcare: Due to insurance restrictions Childcare is NOT available at our classes at this time.

See meetings and events for dates and specific event details.

Your Local Connection

The Red River Valley Satellite of CHADD is your connection and resource to solutions, success and information about ADHD. Visit us on Facebook.

About ADHD

The debate about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is over. And the truth about ADHD is clear. Just about every mainstream medical, psychological, and educational organization in the U.S. long ago concluded that ADHD is a real, brain-based medical disorder, and that children and adults with ADHD benefit from appropriate treatment. A lot has changed in the last 20 and even in just the last five years. Get strategic. Learn more. Increase awareness. Get the facts!

Do you need information and resource help?

If you have a more pressing need for information or assistance about the many aspects of dealing with AD/HD (including diagnosis, treatment options, educational rights, etc.), please contact CHADD’s National Resource Center on AD/HD (NRC), online at or by phone at 800-233-4050 (press option 2, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern time).

Disclaimer: CHADD does not endorse or represent products, services, publication, medications or treatments.

New to AD/HD or CHADD?

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