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April RRV CHADD Educational Support Meeting

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April 15, 2024 | 7:00 PM–9:00 PM

Successfully Launching Your Young Adult with ADHD

Speaker(s): Dr. Ruth Hughes, Clinical Psychologist, Author


Virtual- See registration Link above

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The time after high school graduation is a difficult and scary period for many young people with ADHD. The structure and supports that have helped them to succeed in high school disappear and the demands get much greater.  Many of our teens and young adults are not quite ready to leave the nest.  How do you sort out what makes sense and help your teen to make this transition successfully? How can you and your teen assess their readiness to move on?  Is college the right choice or another career path?  Should you consider a gap year?  What supports need to be in place to help them succeed?  This workshop will provide guidance for many of these questions and more.

Dr. Hughes is the former CEO of our national ADHD organization, CHADD, a clinical psychologist, and most importantly the mother of a thriving, adult son with ADHD and learning disabilities.  Before her second retirement, she worked part time at Howard Community College, teaching faculty and support staff how to assist students with ADHD and developed a groundbreaking training program for college students with ADHD and academic challenges. Students made significant gains both during and after the semester long program.  Dr. Hughes and her colleague, Chris Dendy, have written a comprehensive guidebook to help parents support their teens and young adults through this challenging period, Successfully Launching into Young Adulthood with ADHD

CHADD AFFILIATE: Red River Valley Chapter of CHADD

Contact: Jane Indergaard;  Email:;  Phone: 701 367-5108



2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD

November 5-7


CHADD AFFILIATE: Red River Valley Chapter of CHADD

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